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Hospice for Heart Disease and End-Stage CHF

Agape Hospice NW, in Portland, OR provides compassionate hospice care for patients with heart disease and end-stage coronary heart failure (CHF). With a wealth of experience, trusted caregivers understand the unique challenges faced by patients and families navigating end-stage coronary heart failure. As such, we are dedicated to the highest levels of support and care.

Heart Disease Hospice Care in Portland, OR

Evolving Care for Heart Disease Patients

Heart disease is a complex and difficult journey for patients and families alike. With advanced-stage prognoses, care demands begin to evolve, making it challenging for families to accommodate their loved one’s needs. That’s where compassionate and personalized nursing care plans for heart disease patients in Portland, OR become essential.

Trusted Guidance for Heart Disease Patients

Determining the right time to consider hospice care for a loved one with coronary heart failure can be daunting. Advanced-stage heart disease is unpredictable, with various symptoms that may look different from one patient to the next. That’s why Agape Hospice NW is here to guide you.

Signs That It is Time to Consider Hospice Care for End-Stage Heart Disease 

Hospice care becomes an invaluable tool to help these individuals receive the emotional, physical, and spiritual care they need at the end of life.

Signs that it’s time to consider hospice care include:

  • The disease has reached advanced stages with reoccurring stages of angina
  • Treatments are no longer effective
  • The patient has chosen to pursue treatment no longer
  • Worsening symptoms including shortness of breath, fatigue, and functional decline

Hospice Care for Patients With Heart Failure

For patients in advanced-stage heart failure, hospice care can provide compassionate, coordinated support. Hospice care for heart failure includes:

  • Pain and symptom monitoring and management
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Coordinated care
  • Medication, oxygen, and medical equipment
  • At-home care visits and ongoing support

Hospice Care for the Family of a Patient With Heart Failure

Hospice care is aimed at not only helping patients but their families as well. Benefits of hospice care for families include:

  • Caregiver training and education
  • Assistance with challenging decisions
  • Respite care
  • Responsive assistance
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Bereavement counseling

Benefits of Hospice Care

Choosing a hospice coronary heart disease plan for you or a loved one can be highly advantageous when navigating this unpredictable disease. Benefits include:

  • Increased comfort and peace of mind
  • Personalized attention and individualized care plans
  • Decreased risk of rehospitalization
  • Increased safety and security

Requesting a Hospice Evaluation

If you or a loved one believes it may be time for hospice care, Agape Hospice NW is here to help. Call to schedule a hospice evaluation to begin your hospice journey. Our trusted professionals will assess the patient’s needs and help you create a personalized care plan that best suits your and your family’s goals.

Let’s Discuss Your Hospice Care Plan

With an in-depth understanding of end-stage heart disease’s challenges, Agape Hospice NW, in Portland, OR is here for you. Look to our professional caregivers for personalized care that brings comfort and peace of mind to your family. Contact our team today to get started with a hospice care consultation.

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